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Lamy Studio glam shot
Lamy Studio Aquamarine Fountain Pen

The time has come to talk about my newest fountain pen, in all its glorious aquamarine splendour. This is the pen I narrowly avoided meeting when I visited The Writing Desk in Bury St Edmunds last summer and I was thrilled when it arrived in my gifts this Christmas.

The Lamy Studio pens have a modern-classic, retro-futuristic vibe all of their own. This one is a limited edition with the all-metal body powder-coated in a deep aquamarine colour, nicely on the blue side of the turquoise/teal part of the spectrum. The iconic clip, based on the design of a propeller, is chic, understated, but rebellious and quirky. The pen has a good weight in the hand, without being overly large or heavy. Some may dislike the metal section (the part where your fingers sit as you write), but I find it comfortable in use. Unusually for me, I am sticking with the Medium nib which my sister chose, although I initially thought I would swap it out for a Fine or Extra-Fine nib. I find I am enjoying having a little variety in the thickness of the nibs in my collection; indeed, I now have an even balance between fine and medium nibs.

Lamy Sudio + Waterman Inspired Blue

I currently have the Studio filled with Waterman Inspired Blue ink, which turns out to be a real tone-on-tone pairing. I have long been wary of turquoise inks, having tried them in the past with unsatisfactory results, however I treated myself to a bottle of Waterman’s version and it is really hitting the spot for me. Lovely and vibrant, it sits confidently on the paper, providing text that is easy to read. The medium nib in the Lamy adds an element of shading, with the ink pooling slightly in downstrokes and fading a little in upstrokes. I don’t always want this effect and I find in my Waterman Hemisphere with its very fine nib the ink is uniformly on the paler side which ideally suits my needs in my diary/planner.

I have decided in 2020 to limit my ink purchases to ones that I can buy in person and take home with me, adding an interesting element to this handwriting hobby. There so many inks available online, in such a plethora of colours that it can be quite bewildering. However, unless I travel away from my home city, the choices are quite limited. Here, I can buy coloured inks by Cross, Waterman, MontBlanc and Lamy from my local independent department store, Jarrolds. That’s pretty much it, although I do appreciate that I’m lucky to have a stockist of even that ilk within walking distance of my home.

Normally I would also mention paper when I talk about pens and inks, but I’m holding back on that because I have something equally gorgous in the paper line to talk about in the near future (in fact, I’ve teased you already with glimpses of it). For now, though, I hope you’ve enjoyed a brief overview of this pen and ink combination.

Studio + Inspired Blue + William Hannah
The pen, the paper

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