It is the dawning…

Aquarius journal front
… of the Age of Aquarius

Here is another stationery item I have picked up recently. I found it on one of my regular meanders around the stationery aisle of my local TK Maxx. It is labelled as being manufactured in China for Robert Frederick of Bath, with a recommended retail price of £12.95 reduced to £4.99.

The journal has a hard cover with nice, suedette-feel finish, which is embellished on the front with a golden naked man pouring water from an ern and the word Aquarius in a fancy font and on the back cover with the name and address of Robert Frederick simply debossed. The cover is a very attractive rich shade of blue. It has the increasingly usual elastic band closure and gussetted pocket inside the back cover plus one ribbon bookmark. The endpapers are black. There is no information about the weight of the paper or number of pages, either inside the journal or on the plastic bag it was sealed in, however it is pretty average thickness so I’d say 70 to 80gsm, cream-coloured, printed with grey dotted lines 8mm apart. My manual count came up with 96 sheets in the book.

Aquarius journal pen test front
Aquarius journal pen test front

My fountain pen test shows the paper to be pretty average quality. Most of the inks bled through a bit, although there was not much ghosting/showthrough to be seen. Funnily enough, the Diamine Wild Strawberry ink in my Lamy LX behaved best with this paper and I’ve seen it misbehave on papers that the other inks have been fine with. That just goes to show that there’s no exact science to judge which combinations will work; it’s all just trial and error. However, the amount of bleedthrough with the other pens wouldn’t prevent me from using both sides of the paper.

Aquarius Journal pen test back
Aquarius Journal pen test back

I am an Aquarius and I love a good, rich shade of blue, so buying this journal was a done deal as soon as I saw it. I checked and TK Maxx had some others from this series and I saw a couple of colours, but I don’t know whether or not the colours are unique to the horoscope sign.

In conclusion, this is a decent addition to my journal collection and I will probably use it when I finish the thick bound book I bought at Morrisons before Christmas.

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