Finished object – Cable Front Cardigan


A finished object… and I took advantage of an invitation for a couple of hours at our local park to rope my daughter into taking some modelled shots for me in between games of balloon football with my grandson.

I am exceptionally happy with how this project turned out. The fit is just great and adding the button makes this garment better suited to my requirements because I don’t really do things that hang open at the front – maybe it’s my narrow shoulders that make things seem precarious if they are not tether shut at some point? I adore the marled effect from the gold and cream yarns held together and I am pleased to say this combination washes really and dries really well which means the garment will be pretty low-maintenance. It’s definitely a fabric that isn’t scared of being bunged in the washing machine. The fact that I knitted this, start to finish, in just a month is testament to how simple and pleasurable a project it was to knit.

You can see more technical information on my project page here.

Just another couple of shots for you:

FO 2
This gorgeous button was bought at Liberty of London in 2010 – colours go so well with this cardigan

Those smaller barley-sugar twist cables really please me and I’m really keen to do more cabling, although perhaps I’ll start with the sleeveless top with cabled midriff rather than jumping into the all-over cabled jacket without a life belt!

A finished item put away in the wardrobe makes my heart sing.

8 thoughts on “Finished object – Cable Front Cardigan

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind comment, I am chuffed with the end result of this project. I took a look at your blog, you’ve been doing some great knit and crochet projects to stash-bust. You mentioned in one post about your gardening hands and the hand cream you’re using. Along with hand cream, I always used to swear by regular use of Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Recovery Scrub to keep my hands soft and smooth, but it became very hard to find. However, I’m an Avon rep and I get to try out some new products before they launch; in my delivery tomorrow there will be a product they are calling a hand and body scrub. I’m looking forward to trying that out to see how it compares to the one I used to use.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I absolutely love this knit. The gold Sirdar Country Style wool was donated to me by a friend who called it “hideous” and so I’m doubly pleased to have used it to make something I like so much.

    1. Hi, Tanya, thank you for your kind comment. I adore this cardigan and can’t wait for the chilly weather so I can wear it. I took a look at your blog, love how you list the fragrances you have worn each week. Am I right in thinking you live in Germany? I was born in Iserlohn when my dad was stationed there and in 2016 had a lovely holiday based in Dortmund so we could take a trip to Iserlohn – the first time I have been there as we moved back to the UK when I was only 6 weeks old. Loved it and would love to return to Germany sometime.

    2. Yes, I live in the Stuttgart region but I was born in Munich and lived there until I was 40. Still miss my hometown.

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