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Word of the Week – Snudge

17-06-19 Snudge

My Word of the Week is a bit random, what you might call coming in from left of field. It is a word I stumbled upon when I was looking up something quite different in the dictionary and it really appealed to me.

On the surface, it seems that the two ways to use this word are incompatible. The concept of being snug and quiet engenders nice feelings, whilst saving in a miserly way pictures up a whiney Uriah Heep wringing his hands. However, if we save in a miserly way it is likely to lead to us being able to afford to be snug and quiet, so I think they do work well together after all.

I am all for a snug and quiet life. I will never be the soul of the party; in fact, my perfect party would be me and a cake. I am afraid I’ve never been good at saving in a miserly way, but I am learning through necessity, and I hope it will be a lesson I’ll carry forward out of choice, although I will try to keep the hand-wringing at a minimum.

I hope my readers have greeted the new week with some resolve of their own and now I think I need to make some lunch, which is quite the high point of the day.