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Word of the Week – Imagine

03-06-19 Imagine

If all goes to plan, my posts this week will tend to hang together with a theme of imagination, so “imagine” is the very best word to start off with.

I am a big fan of imagination; I think it’s very important to us as human beings. However, as we can see from the dictionary definition, it has a darker side, leading off into the realm of fancy, supposition and, ultimately, delusion.  It is important, then, that we each make sure we are aware of the ways in which imagination and reality co-exist, how each state can enrich the other, and where we are comfortable to sit on the boundary between living completely in the real world and living completely in a fantasy land.

Disillusion can also be a by-product of imagination and that is a state which can be abundant in our modern life, where we are always striving for the perfect photo to illustrate our perfect description of the perfect something we have just bought, produced, or experienced. I’m relatively happy with the snapshot that accompanies this post, but the one in my imagination is a hundred times better!

I hope you have a lovely week and get something imaginative into it. If you pop by again during the week you will be able to read how imagination plays a big role whilst I’m knitting, and also my ambling thoughts about imagination and various popular planning methodologies.


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