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Word of the week – Cultivate

27-05-19 Cultivate

This Bank Holiday Monday morning I have been devoting attention to my typewriter. I’ve used it a bit since I bought it at the end of December 2018 but when I watched a short clip on Instagram of TypewriterTraveler using one of his many typewriters, I knew I could be doing better with it. So today I had another attempt at cleaning aggregated ink and dust from some of the letters which I had identified as being less than ideal. My aim was to improve the crispness of the letters and I am happy with the results. I also checked how the paper was feeding through because I get some eccentricities in the spacing of the lines on a page as I type, but I think this is down to my technique rather than any specific issue with the platen or paper rollers failing to grip.

This work fits in with my Word of the Week through the definitions “to devote attention to” and “to refine”. I like the idea of cultivating relationships with things and with people. I suppose now we would call the people part of it “networking”, which has a scientific ring to it, where cultivating comes across as rather organic, although it is nothing of the sort.

Is there anything you need to cultivate this week? I expect, given the time of year, that many people are cultivating in a very traditional sense by attending to their gardens. As a flat-dweller, I don’t have a garden so instead I watch my knitting grow and bloom, I cultivate friendships online and in what passes hereabouts for reality, and I civilise and refine myself which I would say is an exercise we all follow from cradle to grave.

Right now, though, I feel I need to seek actively to gain or foster a relationship with my settee. I will leave you with a shot of my desk as I typed the definition for this entry.

27-05-19 Desk

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