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Ring planner experiment – filled pages

National Stationery Week Day 6

04-05-19 filled

Coming to the end of National Stationery Week and I’ve filled in this week in the Kikki K planner. This is generally how weekly horizontal pages have worked for me in the past. It’s a mix of forward planning of day-specific appointments/tasks together with reminders of things that happened on a particular day like letters received. I’ve popped the writing and fitness trackers up so you can see how I will be using them.

I still lean very strongly towards the use of a minimum number of colours and very little decoration. I may look out a celebratory sticker to pop in by the “Gaudi finished” note. The coloured gel pens are very pretty, but probably a step too far for my taste.

There are a couple of extra things in my set-up:

04-05-19 ruler

First there is a plastic Kikki K ruler/page marker so I can flip easily to the current week. This is just wrapped with co-ordinating washi tape which is a brilliant way to change up the look without having to invest in brand new page markers when you crave something different. Re-using our plastic is so grown-up isn’t it?

Behind this the cut-down To Do list has some tasks that I wanted to do during the week but that aren’t day-specific. In future weeks I will try to remember to put the things I want to focus on at the top of that list instead of halfway down as I did today!

Finally, you may see in the first photo some page flags peeping out from the card slots in the front cover. I’m not sure how much I would use them, but they are useful for appointments that are waiting to be confirmed and might change. Whether or not they stay in the planner will depend on whether or not they stick long-term to the backing card. If they turn out to be fussy, they will go back in a drawer and just be used when I am at my desk.

Tomorrow I will do a brief ‘How I feel’ now the planner is set up, and also a round-up of other stuff that has caught my eye this National Stationery Week.



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