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Ring-planner experiment – the set-up


03-05-19 Top

Oooh, look, there’s some stuff in my Kikki K ring-planner!

This is mainly going to be a pictures post, but I will say that I ended up designing my own inserts because it turned out to be easier than trying to print the ones I found online. I have printed what I need for my initial experiment, then padded the sections out with blank notepaper to give me an idea of how much I am likely to have in them.

First up is the Notes section with existing notes at the front and spare notepaper behind. This is the only section that has anything written in yet. I have had this list of the planets for several years because I’m useless at remembering what order they come in.

03-05-19 notes

Goals – in here I have put a monthly tracker for my writing and another one for my fitness. I will just be writing numbers on these (words written and steps for each day probably).

03-05-19 writing03-05-19 fitness

Diary – I have gone for a week on 2 pages and each week will have a To Do sheet (cut down from the Kikki K Medium size) for tasks I particularly want or need to complete that week. If I feel like it, I can rotate border colours each month or each quarter.

03-05-19 diary

Tasks – This will hold my master tasks list or someday/maybe tasks. Unfortunately once these pretties are gone I will be moving on to the plain Kikki K stock.

03-05-19 Tasks

Inspiration – this section is empty at the moment which doesn’t mean I am uninspired. Or does it?

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you some of the diary pages filled in for the past week and planning for next week.


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