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29-04-19 Stationery
Yep, Tipp-Ex was employed in the production of this still-life!

Welcome to the United Kingdom’s National Stationery Week, incorporating World Stationery Day on Wednesday 1st May. I toyed with the idea of writing each of my three blog posts this week about stationery, but I decided to go with my usual topics today and on Wednesday. A Word of the Week can be stationery-themed anyway, and with a bit of luck and a bit more work, I might have a finished object to write about in my knitting post on Wednesday, so I don’t want to skip that.

My plan, therefore, is to write my usual blog posts and then some additional ones on a possible Filofax set-up because, much as I love using my Mark and Fold 2019 diary, I am at the point of wishing I was in a ringed Filofax again*.  Also, WH Smith have some extraordinarily pretty pen sets in and I nabbed one thinking it would be ideal for colour-coding in a bullet journal or Planner. I have two branches of WH Smith equidistant from my flat; in one the pens were displayed in a dark area at the very back of the shop; in the other, they were in a slightly more prominent position, but they were locked up and you had to summon assistance if you actually wanted to buy them! Clearly they are anticipating a lot of thefts which is not the way you want to think about stationery nerds. The really funny thing was they had a more limited display of the same pens on their upper floor with no locks at all, from which we can conclude that stationery nerds who pilfer do not climb stairs, which combination surely makes them a very special breed indeed.

I dug out my Tipp-Ex correction fluid whilst typing the definition sheet this morning and I had quite forgotten how well Tipp-Ex and typewriters go together. After years of using Tipp-Ex in notebooks, it just seems much more natural and ‘right’ using it to dab on paper held taut against a platen. Thank goodness it found another purpose after the demise (or do I mean the hibernation?) of the typewriter.

*  On the subject of my diary and ringed Filofaxes, the perfect answer would be to disassemble the Mark and Fold diary and house it in an A5 Filofax, but the lack of an A5 Filofax means that is on the back-burner at present.

Anyway, I hope this brief introduction to the world of stationery has entertained you on this Monday morning. Now, pick up a pen or a pencil and go!


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