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Word of the Week – Defragmentation

22-04-19 De-fragmentation

This isn’t the Word of the Week that I was going to publish today, however it is the Word of the Week that I need. For the past couple of weeks I feel like I have accomplished little and have been alternating between two states:-

Flapping around trying to do lots of different things in quick succession and not completing any of them


Staring into space unable to get engaged with any of the little tasks on my radar

I have also hit a patch where I am picking away at separate little scenes in my novel and feeling like I am not in any kind of writing flow. This issue with the writing in particular has nudged me to think about the way I am approaching things.

What I need to do is de-frag my brain – you know, like you used to have to do with Windows computers to get the hard drive into a less muddled position and free up some disk space. Who knows, perhaps you still have to do that with Windows computers. Anyway, that’s what my head needs: a bit of a reset to allow it to concentrate on what I need to do when I need to do it.

I think this fragmentation of our attention is what we mean when we complain about the consequences of over-using our mobile devices. We get caught up in little tiny bits of this and that, things entirely unlinked; dipping in and out of the lives of people unconnected with where we are here and now. We can only do so much of that then we need to reassemble ourselves, root ourselves back in the present time, get things into the proper order. In the online world (yep – that would be the one that is causing all the trouble in the first place!) they advise you do a digital detox. “Step away from the device!” I think I need something slightly different; more a realignment of my thought processes. I know – a bit like that moment when you are making pastry and it stops being little crumbs and starts being more of a cohesive block that you can roll out. That’s a brilliant analogy because at the end of the pastry-making process you have something scrumptious to gobble up!

This week I will be concentrating on de-fragmentation (or, if things don’t go so well, pastry). How about you?

Many thanks to NothingButKnit and her Crafty Q&A – Multitasking Edition which reminded me this morning that I always hit difficulties when I try to split my attention in too many directions.


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