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Word of the Week – Renaissance

15-04-19 Renaissance

I think we all need a little renaissance every now and again; we could, in fact, think of each Monday morning as a time for rebirth, the Spring-time of the week. I know that in reality rebirth is far from all of our minds as the working week looms over us and all I am saying is that we could, perhaps, approach it differently.

I am personally in need of a little renaissance as I let things slip last week whilst I lost myself in tales of derring-do amongst prisoners of war and grieved equally for sides who won and sides who lost in the war that was being depicted.

This week, though, I need to have goals and achieve them; I need to be strict with myself about what I eat and how much I exercise; I need to get back on track. What better way to do that than to change up my planning system a bit? I have been happily using a very traditional paper diary for several months and until recently I found that writing down what I had to do each day was keeping me accountable – okay, only to myself, but accountable anyway. Recently I have noticed that this is no longer the case and I have been writing down what I need to do, but I haven’t done it. I am going to experiment with my computer-based calendar, although that is generally not my preference. I know from past experience that if it doesn’t succeed in motivating me to do the work I need to get done, it has always reminded me that a paper-based system is better and I can return to my paper diary with renewed vigour. Sometimes a change is just a way to clear your head and get it back on course.

I hope you have a productive week, or start off a renaissance of your own if that is what you need.


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