There’s a hole in my….

03-04-19 socks
…. Sock!

I doubt that this photo is a vast revelation amongst sock knitters. It’s just a hand-knit sock with a hole worn into it. It is slightly unusual for me, because in every other instance except, I think, one, my socks have developed holes at my big toe, not on the ball of my foot as this one has.

I am not sad about this development and I must make it quite clear I have no intention of trying to salvage the socks, mend them, or re-purpose them. I am happily going to wave goodbye to them and send them to the great sock drawer in the sky because they have been my number one worst-fitting pair of socks. For years! Why would I keep badly-fitting socks for years, you may ask. I ask myself the same question and I don’t know the answer. It isn’t as if I have had them unused in my sock stash; I have worn them very regularly, yet every time I have been struck by how poorly they fit.

I think part of the problem is I didn’t knit them long enough in the foot in the first place. I also think that over the years they have shrunk with repeated washing which has only exacerbated the problem. I clearly didn’t ever think much of these socks because I have totally failed to record their details anywhere. I don’t recall when I knitted them, or what yarn I used. I think it was a yarn with silk in it because I can remember thinking it might not be particularly good for socks but there was nothing else I wanted to use it for.

I decided to record their demise to make up for the total lack of regard I had for them during their life, and to note that even the projects we don’t adore can have useful lives. Despite everything, these socks regularly kept my feet warm and so, as Marie Kondo advises, I have said thank you to them and slung them in the bin!

The most exciting thing about this process is that I now have a legitimate reason to knit another pair of socks to replace them.

Have you ever continued to use a hand-made item that you aren’t happy with, just because it’s not quite bad enough to dispose of?


2 thoughts on “There’s a hole in my….

  1. Sometimes i give away knitted things i don’t like, if anybody has an interest in it. I also do not mend my socks, i recently went through my sock drawer and gave all the socks i did not love anymore to a clothing collection bin

    1. Generally speaking, if I am knitting something for myself (as opposed to for my Etsy shop), you have to prise it out of my cold, dead hands! If I don’t like something I’ve made I either unpick it and use the yarn for something else or I donate it to charity, but those occasions are very few and far between.

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