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Word of the Week – Explore

25-03-19 Explore

I have alighted on “Explore” as a word of the week because it seems like a good aim no matter what interpretation you choose.

Explore covers a whole host of activities, from actual physical travel to internal probing of your own psyche and pretty much anything in between. In fact, everything we do as human beings boils down to exploring; it seems to be the thing we have evolved to do.

I have always been more interested in exploring internal landscapes than external ones; I find the reasons why we are doing something fascinating – far more so than the thing that is being done. That may be why the traditional “whodunnit” type of murder mystery passes me by but I am gripped by the “why did they do it” sort. I still enjoy the whodunnits, because what the author puts in as red herrings are actually myriad reasons why anyone might have dunnit and that’s exactly what I am reading for.

I have been doing a little exploring of my own today, resurrecting a reasonably old piece of technology – the Palm Treo phone/PDA hybrid. It’s old and it’s glitchy and I think it is beyond the point of no return, but taking it out and charging it up, it has occurred to me that the original ‘personal digital assistant’ devices had a lot of good things going for them. They combined the portability and ease of use that have become a lynchpin of modern life since the advent of the smart phone, but they were slower and less ‘connected’ and therefore less demanding. They were an assistant, whereas the smart phone is more of a boss. I retain a lot of affection for the now-defunct Palm Inc. in the same way that I retain a lot of affection for the Commodore computer company and their Amiga range of home computers.

Did you ever delve into the realm of PDAs or was it a fad that passed you by?


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