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18-03-19 Exhilarate

As of this week, I’m changing things up a bit on the blog, partly because it’s getting towards Spring, and I reckon we all need a bit of a change. Mainly, though, it’s just that I fancy doing a ‘word of the week’ instead of the ‘quote of the week’ that I was doing last year, and having had that thought I decided it would be good to start the week with a word.

So, here is the first Word of the Week –  exhilarate – because don’t we all need a bit of exhilaration on a Monday morning?

With Mondays allocated to a Word of the Week, I think Wednesdays will be my main knitting catch-up day and Fridays my general meanderings. If you’ve read my blog before you will probably know that I am very fluid with my intentions and I’d rather write a good post about something off-topic than a plodding post about something that fits the day’s specific category. I like to think that makes reading my blog a bit of an adventure.

I will commit to saying that this Wednesday’s post will be about knitting and will feature a finished object. Woo-hoo!


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