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Why, what and wow!

13-02-19 Street Style
Why, oh why?

There are three things on my mind today, aside from the usual. First, why has the fashion world forgotten that legs reach to the top of the heel whilst arms finish at the wrist? The ‘street style’ shot above from Copenhagen Fashion Week illustrates the point – sleeves too long, trousers too short. I can see that it is a new twist and makes a fairly standard trousers-jumper-coat combination scream “2019”, but it is not doing it in a good way. In fact, it looks downright silly. The only current trend missing from this mix is the ragged hem which is on 93% of trousers… sorry, we are not allowed to have trousers anymore, I should have said ankle-grazers. Which is very apt, because have you ever grazed your ankle? That’s how miserable you will feel wearing these trousers.

13-02-19 Gaudi
What I’m working on

Yes, Gaudi sat quietly for a couple of weeks and then on Monday I suddenly had the urge to work on it again. That little break has made all the difference. I wasn’t happy with how the raglan sleeve shaping was working which I think was down to the tweak I did with the colourwork, so before I put it away I unpicked to the beginning of the colourwork section. Picking it up again, I have gone back to how the pattern is written and am using a separate ball of the pale yarn to do each side of the raglan shaping. Whilst this is a bit counter-intuitive to me, and it means working with 3 balls of yarn for this section and untwisting them regularly, I am much happier with it and enjoying working on it again. I still love this cardigan.

13-02-19 Minis
Just…. wow!

Today I have been winding the set of Noodle Soup Yarns mini-skeins, which I received at Christmas, into balls so they are ready to knit when the mood strikes me. As I wound each ball, I was able to fully appreciate the gorgeous dyeing; these are truly lovely yarns. I also indulged in a little game of ‘what would I call this colour if I was naming it?’ I think the turquoise and red ball in the centre front of my picture I’d call ‘Helix Nebula’ (real name is ‘Paradise’). The pinky-purply ball to the left of it would be ‘Perfection’ because it is possibly the most perfect colourway I can imagine (real name is ‘Heartbreaker’). Lastly, the brown ball nestled in the middle to my mind is called ‘1973’ (real name is ‘Coffee’). Kudos to Charley for the dye-work on these yarns, and I can assure her that the mini-skeins are doing their work well – I now crave a full skein of every single one, although I must note these exact shades might not be currently available.

I hope you’re having fun whatever you are doing, and that you’ve made it through to the middle of the week unscathed.


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