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Knew this was a one-way ticket…

21-12-18 Moon

As I sat knitting at the weekend, I was pondering the sweetness of sharing things we enjoy with a whole new generation. This specifically related to watching “The Abyss” with my grandson who enjoyed it immensely (and why wouldn’t he?).

So today’s quote is a short and sweet thought from the film, typed by Brigman as he resigns himself to his fate at the bottom of a deep-sea trench, not enough air to get back to his friends and just-coming-back-from-being-estranged wife on the undersea drilling rig, his helmet reflecting the light from the hidden alien city that he has just saved from extinction:-

Don’t cry baby. Knew this was one-way ticket, but you know I had to come.

That seems to sum up life itself; in fact, it would look superb on a tombstone, and if I was intending to have such a thing I would probably request it myself.

So, wherever any of us is on that deep-sea dive from arriving at and departing from Planet Earth, we are all contributing in great and small ways to the life of the universe, and we can all take a moment to appreciate that. Hopefully, not with our last lungfull of air, though!