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Irresistible textures, unreachable stars

Alice Starmore Scottish Hand Knitting Yarns And Designs
This waistoat needs to be in my life

This week I have been looking through old notebooks; for what is the point of making notes if you don’t go back every so often and read them? Two looming items have prompted this trawl: I need to get a new notebook sorted out because I’m down to the final five pages in the book which I started on 31st March 2018. I plan to move into an A5 exercise book next because I have always had a penchant for this format (we used to know as our “Rough Book” at school). Also, I am going to a creative writing session tomorrow (Norwich Castle Writers at the Castle Museum) and in digging out blank notebooks I inevitably retrieved some half-filled ones with various creative bits and pieces in them.

In one book I had written “Alice Starmore wool” and clearly I had never bothered to go and look at the website, so I did it there and then. This was very inspiring and I am now extremely keen to try out the wool and see how it compares to the traditional Shetland yarns that I have used in the past. After I had read about the wools I looked at the page of knitting kits and that is when the above waistcoat socked me on my weak and feeble jaw, making me go all wobbly about the knees. I love that waistcoat, I want that waistcoat, no, I need that waistcoat. The only question is, do I need it in cream, or do I need it in navy? Well, okay, the question is, do I need it first in cream or navy because clearly I need it in both colours. I also need that skirt…

If you have never looked at the Virtual Yarns website you should stop wasting your time reading this, and go straight there, even if you don’t knit. Just look at the colours. Just feast your eyes on the designs. The other item I am completely entranced by is the Selkie “costume” – that collar with the cabling on the underside and the colourwork on the topside!

I also want to note that this week marked 33 years since the loss of the space shuttle Challenger and seven crew members during launch and, as ever, NASA posted a tribute.

29-01-19 challenger
This photo of a Challenger launch is courtesty of NASA’s website which I recommend you visit regularly

It seems to me that these words from a song written by Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion – The Impossible Dream (The Quest) – gain a particular poignancy when thinking of these events.

And the world will be better for this:
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star.


7 thoughts on “Irresistible textures, unreachable stars

  1. I love the word “waistcoat.” We’d call it a “vest,” so dull in comparison.

    That first photo looks like a scene from the tv show Shetland…. Her expression is so “Am I a murderer, or just a witness who’s not telling the detectives the whole story?”

    1. Yes, I’ve come across that use of the word vest, the word we English use for an undershirt. I love the differences between our two versions of the same language.

      I also love “Shetland” and you are right about the model’s rather sour expression. I have read all the Shetland books which I can recommend although they are a little different to the TV shows.

  2. I’ve read five of the Shetland books — the first four, and also the last. I’ve seen all the shows, except the most recent series, which hasn’t hit the US yet. Weirdly, the tv version is my favorite. Whereas for Vera I prefer the books. 🙂

    1. Hi, Tanja. I did have a book of Alice Starmore ganseys, but I’m not sure if I still have it. I noticed a lot of the vest/waistcoats on the site were nice and loose around the waist so there’s something to suit all sorts. I’m kind of relatively trim around the shoulders, bust and waist, then it all goes to pot around the hips!

  3. Thanks for the Virtual Yarns website! You are so right, love the colors, and even the texture jumps off the page. Since I live on an island with similar rocks, it tempts me to go take some of my stash and photograph it on seaweed. : )

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