Finished object – Kingfisher in Fangorn Forest Socks



I finished knitting my socks on Sunday and I’m really pleased with them. This is the first project I have both cast on and finished in 2019, and my second completed item this year, which is admirable progress.

First off, I want to say how very happy I was with the yarn for this project. It is Noodle Soup Yarns’ MCN Luxe sock yarn in the Spooky Smog colourway from last autumn. This is a 3-ply sock yarn comprising 80% superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% nylon. It comes in at 350m/382 yards per 100g skein, which indicates that it is rather thicker than a standard sock yarn and that has resulted in a nice squooshy fabric. It can be machine-washed at 30º which is how I generally wash my socks anyway, although I understand they may survive longer if they are hand-washed.

The colour of the yarn is just amazing, deep and rich, and slightly brooding. It is not quite my all-time favourite colour combination, but it’s close. My favourite combination is one I think of as “bruise” – greens and blues and pinky-purples and a tiny bit more washed-out than this deep shade. I want to note that whilst I was knitting I didn’t find the colour coming off on my hands, an experience I have had with some other hand-dyed yarns in deep colourways. Personally, I love how the colours have ended up spiralling around these socks.

The pattern is just a plain old vanilla sock using the instructions I have had since I first started knitting socks in the “olden days” (this covers anything more than ten years/two jobs ago). I have tweaked it by replacing the standard wedge toe with the “barn toe” as I find this slightly deeper variation suits my feet well. I made these socks a good length, as befits thicker socks that will be welcome in colder weather, and I ended up with 26g of the wool left over. This should make toes for at least one, maybe two more pairs of socks.

I always knit my socks using four double-point 20cm needles. I cast on 60 stitches, with 15 stitches on each of two needles for the back of the leg and foot, and 30 stitches on a third needle for the front. This makes it a cinch to know exactly where you are on a round of knitting, and I find it makes working the sock very easy. Probably because I am so used to knitting this way, when I do try to use circular needles and a magic loop method, or even the two circular needles method, it just seems unnecessarily complex.

So now all that is left is to wash them (I always wash my knits on completion) and pop them in the sock drawer. Should be ready for the cold snap we’re expecting over the weekend.

Next up, it’s back to the Gaudi jumper, which in my mind is getting more and more modified as the days go by. I need to complete the back of it, which shouldn’t take too long now the socks are done.


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