You know it’s coming

Kikki K & Filofax binders
Personal size planner/organiser binders: Kikki K – Filofax – Kikki K

Oh, so it’s that time of year, is it? The time when even monogamous me gets the pretty, flitty thoughts and starts digging about in her planner patch. In keeping with the general story of my life, I am in limbo at the moment and I need something to happen before I can make a decision about exactly how I will be planning/organising/keeping a diary for 2019. It seems that everyone has a different word for pretty much the same concept so I’ve offered a few options there.

I haven’t used a ring-bound planner this year, and I might not next year. Then again, I might, and if I do, it is likely to be in one of the above three binders, which are all the ‘personal’ size. For a couple of months now I have been thinking that I would really like a navy blue A5 Filofax Original, but Filofax don’t sell such a thing in Great Britain and I’m not going to break my habit and order one from abroad. The ‘why no navy blue?’ is a lament I have been singing for a few years (I would settle for cobalt blue if navy were too much of a stretch) and Filofax have indeed added navy blue options in a few of their styles, but not in the Original which is, as you will guess, the style I really like above all others – it is so sleek and minimal. I love my fuchsia patent Personal size shown.

A couple of years ago, I finally took the opportunity to visit a Kikki K stationery shop in London and I bought the mint-green binder with silver speckles which I used a fair amount. However, not so long after my visit they came out with their ‘Creative’ theme which is all navy blue and red and I was finally able to buy a navy blue leather binder, albeit not quite as sleek as the one I had in my imagination. I didn’t use this very much at all, mainly because carrying anything not absolutely essential to my continued existence on an everyday basis became impossible from July 2017 to July 2018 due to the location of my workplace and the rigmarole of getting there and home again. Plus, of course, this year I have been so happy using my bound diary from Mark + Fold that I haven’t really been tempted by my ring-binders.

So, there I was yesterday, unearthing my binders and first off I took the mint green one out of its box and, oh, it brought joy to my heart – you know, that joy that Marie Kondo bangs on about? Then, when I got the navy one out, I felt a bit ho-hum, so clearly most of the time I have no real grasp of what I want at all. This is helpful, though, as it means I can stop obsessing about navy blue Filofaxes – well, for a few days at least.

After I looked at each binder, I worked on the more serious part of the process – removing all the inserts, separating them into used and unused, weeding out ones to be kept from ones to be disposed of, putting like with like. As a result of this, I know I can easily set up a binder for next year without needing to buy anything new – just need to print dated inserts – and that the binder would definitely be the mint green Kikki K, at least for part of the year. Finally, I got the completed years in order and stored in an accessible way in with my journals which is a big improvement. Although I regularly go back and forth between digital and paper for my planning/organising/diary, I have pretty comprehensive Filofax-style pages for 2014-2017 inclusive and that rather surprised me. I think I may be more on the paper side of things than I thought.

Once I have made my firm decision on how the planning/organising/diary will go next year, I will let you know.

I would also like to note just how much I am enjoying my Advent Calendar this year – the Milkybar one has proven to be a great choice. Here is a gratuitous desk shot of my coffee/Advent Calendar break yesterday (the calendar doesn’t live here – I brought it over to open it).

Coffee break 04-12-18
4th December 2018 – Coffee break with Advent Calendar

Do you plan/organise/keep a diary? Is it paper or electronic?


2 thoughts on “You know it’s coming

    1. I almost always have a chocolate Advent calendar, but last year I went with one that was very pretty and ‘just’ had inspiring things to do behind each door. ‘Make sure you get a chocolate Advent calendar’ was first on my list of things to make sure I did differently this year!

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