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It really is a graphite writing stick!

Tarrant_graphite writing stick
Tarrant: “A graphite writing stick…”

Here is an admittedly low-quality screen grab of the moment in Blake’s 7 when Tarrant is handed a pencil and utters the immortal line “A graphite writing stick. It’s the first time I’ve seen one of these outside museums.” This line has always amused me for a couple of reasons – firstly I like the idea of a dystopian future where you still get taken on school trips to the museum; and secondly that Tarrant and Avon go on to simply use this ancient technology as if they have been doing it all their lives.

I was reminded of this clip when I unpacked my subscription box from Mark + Fold this summer and found this:-

Graphite stick
It really is a graphite writing stick!

And if you are interested, this is how it writes:

Graphite writing

Thank you, Mark and Fold, for making me a happy girl.


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