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Morning routines, real and imaginary


Whilst I pretend to be cultured a lot of the time, in reality I’m just as likely to be watching YouTube videos as reading poetry of the Romantic period. I have many favourite types of video, but one I like to search out on a regular basis is the “morning routine” video, even though these tend to be made (as, to be frank, is a lot of YouTube material) by people who don’t appear to have real lives.

The basis of the “morning routine” beloved of the YouTube influencers is pretty standard. They wake up, scan social media, make their bed the minute they get out of it, waft into the kitchen to make herbal tea, waft to their couch to do five minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing, read a book for five minutes, do a little stretching exercise, then spend an hour showering, cleaning and moisturising their face, and getting dressed. Then they waft to their desk to do their “work” which involves, for the large part, simply being pretty.

It is all very addictive; it is also completely silly.

So what does your “morning routine” consist of? Perhaps, like me, you have an imaginary morning routine that you always think you’re going to follow, only to find that you keep on doing the same old things you’ve always done. Here are my versions.

My imaginary morning routine goes something like this:-

  • Alarm goes off, get out of bed, go to the toilet – because, honestly, who has a bladder that allows them to laze around in bed looking at social media before they go to the loo?
  • Grab my reading glasses and phone from the bedroom and leave them on the settee
  • Click on the wax melt burner to start the day with an uplifting scent
  • Go into the kitchen to make a pot of Breakfast tea – two cups to be drunk with milk before anything can actually happen with the day
  • Take a couple of brief moments to scan the news on my phone
  • Spend at least 20 minutes reading a book (five minutes is not long enough to read anything worthwhile)
  • Spend at least 20 minutes writing in my journal (again, five minutes doesn’t get me anywhere)
  • Spend a little time writing my plans for the day
  • Head to the bathroom to brush my teeth then into the bedroom to make my bed and get ready for the day
  • Eat breakfast
  • Sit down at my desk to write, or grab a knitting project to put in some quality work on the settee

My real morning routine currently goes like this:

  • Alarm goes off, get out of bed, grab my reading glasses and phone and bung them on the settee then go to the toilet (see, I’m off to a good start)
  • Make a pot of Breakfast tea, because it is actually true that nothing can happen in the day until tea has been imbibed
  • Scan the news on my phone, falling down many an astronomy-based rabbit-hole (or “black holes” as they are known in the trade) and thus far exceeding my estimated couple of minutes
  • Spend around an hour writing in my journal – no, I don’t write an exceptional amount; I write it very slowly
  • Realise during the above hour that I totally forgot to switch on the wax melt burner and debate whether an uplifting fragrance will improve things
  • Head to the bathroom to brush my teeth then into the bedroom to make my bed (which by this point has aired nicely) and get ready for the day
  • Eat breakfast
  • Dither over what I want to do, write a list of the order I will do things in, then immediately do something that isn’t even on the list because I just fancy doing it and I might as well do it straight away rather than add it to the list to do later – this morning that was sorting out a label for the front of my new Quotes book and writing in a quote I found last night
  • Possibly do something off my list if I am being very good indeed.

I must point out this is very much a “lady of leisure” morning routine and when I get back to having to leave the house to work, it will change again. Basically, getting out of bed, going to the loo, having a cuppa and eating breakfast, brushing teeth, making bed, and generally getting ready for the day are the must-do items. I do enjoy writing in my journal in the mornings because somehow it seems a little too stimulating to do last thing in the evening. Perhaps I just need to put a bit of distance between myself and the day before I can write about it.

I’d love to hear about your morning routines – feel free to leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “Morning routines, real and imaginary

  1. My morning routine is similar to yours in some ways. I usually wake up bursting for the loo but wait laying back just thinking of past glories until it all becomes desperate. Then either wake Alex and make tea for both of us or pad around downstairs until Alex wakes and then make tea. Making the bed has not as yet been my chore. Breakfast of course. I used to then get ready for work but since retiring it’s get ready to do whatever Alex has organised for the day. If nothing that involves me I may don headphones and listen to music – mornings usually means Classical. Or I may fiddle-faddle on the computer. The word fiddle-faddle is courtesy of my late father-in-law.

  2. For nearly 3 years my real and imaginary routines are the same (Dear Lord thank you for retirement!). Up at 5 – sorry, always been an early riser – door open, desperate dog let out, as he gets older it gets ever more desperate, kettle on, loo, make tea, through to living room, 5 minutes while dog decides which settee he fancies which then decides which one is left for me. Interesting that he doesn’t have the ‘that’s my place’ attitude that most humans have over settees. Then check the news, particularly the sport and most importantly the weather, check the death notices on the EDP website (the shame of admitting that!) Then a bit of light reading, knitting/crocheting/wool winding while I run through the order of the day in my head. 6.30 dog’s breakfast. 6.45 husband up. 7.15 bath, dress, tidy the bed so it airs, make it mid-morning. 7.45ish breakfast, unless it’s an intermittent fasting day when bacon and eggs come at about 11!

    Glen, I love ‘fiddle-faddle’, we usually ‘pitter-potter’ but if it’s OK with you I might change that!

    Wonderful to see the fountains in the park in Perpignan, brought a tear to my eye!

    1. I have never been able to understand people who can get up later and be out of the door in under half an hour, so early risers seem more natural to me. I occasionally wonder if Ash is just the teeniest bit spoiled… but when I get to his age I will probably want to be the one with first choice of sofa. Except when I get to his age, everyone will still be older than me and so they will get to choose!

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