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Quote of the Week – Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker

Here’s a taster verse from Parker’s poem “Song of Perfect Propriety”

Oh, I should like to dance and laugh
And pose and preen and sway,
And rip the hearts of men in half,
And toss the bits away.
I’d like to view the reeling years
Through unastonished eyes,
And dip my fingertips in tears,
And give my smiles for sighs.

Famed for her acerbic wit, Parker’s poetry often betrays the all-too-tender heart she sought to protect.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week – Dorothy Parker

  1. The point she is making in the poem is that she’d like to be able to do all these things, but in fact (as the end of the full poem says) “I am writing little verse, as little ladies do.”

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