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Work in progress – Maroon sweater

Weekend gains
Knitting, Kojak, more knitting, more Kojak – that’s my kind of weekend

A lot of my weekend was spent alternating between knitting and watching Kojak; perfect partners for the grim, grey, rainy days we had in Norfolk. Oh, I did chores too, plenty of chores. I washed and cleaned and shopped for groceries, because I am far from advocating a life where all one does is knit and watch Kojak (that’s because he’s mine… all mine, I tell you!).

I thought I would feature the knitting today since it is a relatively new cast-on for me. I’m using one of the basic sweater patterns from “One Thousand Sweaters” by Amanda Griffiths. I haven’t decided if I will go on and knit sleeves, or just do a sleeveless pullover. The decision may depend slightly on how the wool goes, because I admit I am struggling with this yarn. It is Willow & Lark’s Ramble DK – 100% superwash wool. Willow & Lark is a house brand for Lovecrafts who run the Love Knitting and Love Crochet web shops. I have been knitting with this wool, on and off, through the late spring and summer, but not getting far on any project I’ve started.

It’s not a bad yarn, by any means. For example, it gives a nice even stitch definition which isn’t guaranteed with worstead-spun yarns; many show a definite bias whereby one side of each stitch sits vertically whilst the other side slopes, giving a very noticeable effect in the finished fabric. The slightly silky finish you get with a superwash treated wool is fine by me. Less acceptable is the tendency for the yarn to look a bit ‘old’ as I’m knitting it, giving me cause for concern about the longevity of the project. Worse, though, are the number of noticeable joins within a ball of the yarn, not to mention actual knots. These are frequent enough that I have started to rewind each ball before I start it in order to avoid surprises. I think this is probably par for the course at this price-point, but I am disappointed nevertheless. The colour is lovely and autumnal, though, and I would really like a garment in this shade. Actually, what I want is a pair of boots in exactly this shade; and thinking about it I used to have a pair that I loved until they fell apart.

On top of my concern about the wool, I am knitting the medium size on this occasion and I am also undecided about the fit. I’m currently trying to lose weight and the large size in this book is a trifle big even at my plumpest. Then again, with the ribbing features at the sides and front, it is cinching in quite noticeably, giving me pause for thought. However, I shall carry on and see what transpires. Luckily, the world does not end every time we knit something we don’t end up liking. Also, many things I thought I didn’t like when I finished them end up being the things I wear the most.

Now, though, it is time to close, before I start to exhibit Kojak withdrawal symptoms! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and are starting the working week rested.



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