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Boating Pond, Earlham Park, Norwich

Given that I am not doing anything truly productive with my work-time, it seems odd to say I took advantage of the weekend to be self-indulgent, but I did. It was one of those good, early-autumn weekends, cool enough to do enjoyable things and bright enough to be out and about.

On Sunday morning I walked up to a reasonably local park, mainly for exercise, but also to grab some photos. It is a nice walk there and back and the boating pond in particular is a favourite part of the park for me.

When I got home I set my “shop” knitting aside and started working on a pair of socks for myself. This was inspired by a post from Fog Knits and the pair of socks she talk about with a Fleegle Heel which somehow ate its way into my brain and made me want to try it myself. I think it’s the name more than anything – Fleegle is a super word. Anyway, I watched YouTube videos and read construction information and I knitted a trial heel and liked it. I have had two skeins of sock wool from Mr B Yarns sitting in my mum’s cut glass vase all summer and have been happily admiring them without going so far as winding them into balls and knitting with them. These socks were all the inspiration I needed. In a trice I had those two skeins wound into balls and I was casting on using the beautiful Dr Foster Went To Gloucester colourway.

Dr Foster Went to Gloucester
Dr Foster Went To Gloucester by Mr B. Yarns at Birdstreet UK

I love those pops of blue in the sands, browns and greys of this yarn. In fact, I love Mr B’s aesthetic full stop. I find that is the thing with hand dyers, they all do really impressive work, but every now and then one will particularly resonate with you. The other, equally gorgeous, skein – in the Isambard colourway – is awaiting a second pair of socks in the not-too-distant future.

Not only is this my first pair of socks with anything but a heel flap and gusset construction, they are also the first pair I have knit toe-up. I’m not 100% happy with my toe, and I need to finish the sock in order to truly determine about the fit, but so far so good. For some reason I did think that it would be quicker to knit this way than the heel flap style and, although I shouldn’t be, I am surprised that they take about the same amount of time.

I rounded off the weekend reading some Byron so I think this Friday’s quote of the week will be something in the nature of an incantation…

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and did a little something either constructive or recuperative, whichever most suited you.

4 thoughts on “Me-time

    1. Thank-you. I wound the Isambard colourway first, which is a similar but more muted combination, and I was sure all the time I was winding it I would cast on with that. But as soon as I started winding this one with those blue flashes, I knew I had to use it.

  1. I remember the Earlham Park boating pond full of model boats when I was a child. Mainly model yachts. Do they still keep some in the entrance building I wonder?

    Wasn’t Fleegle one of the Banana Splits?

    1. Hi, Glen. Last Sunday there was one guy just carrying a boat across to the pond – it was a strange steampunk looking beast. The building at the end is still marked as a boathouse for the model boat association. Fortunately, I managed to avoid knowing much about Banana Splits. You know my aversion to bananas!

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