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Hinc Illae Lacrimae/Quote of the Week

Servalan and Me
With Jacqueline Pearce at Cygnus Alpha 2 event, Brentford, 2016

In honour of the wonderful Jacquline Pearce who lost her last tussle with cancer this week, a quote from Blake’s 7 (best ever British TV show, of which I am still a great fan). Jacks “Darling” played the arch-villainess Servalan and has had a very definite influence on my lifestyle, although that has only dawned on me in recent years.

To set the scene for the quote, Servalan at the height of her power in the Federation has been captured in her own presidential palace during a coup when our heroes, the freedom fighters from the Liberator, arrive on a totally unrelated mission. Avon encounters her chained in a cellar by her enemies.

Avon (slightly disappointed): Is that it? Have you finally lost your nerve? Have you murdered your way to the wall of an underground room?

Servalan (bitterly): It’s an old wall, Avon… it waits.

I think we all encounter walls during the course of our lives and perhaps they are always there, waiting for us. We deal with them according to our own natures, using our particular skills or tendencies.

Servalan, naturally, escaped this particular wall and lived to fight many more days. It’s like that with a lot of the walls you encounter – you get round them or over them, or you laboriously demolish them brick by brick.

For those of you wondering, the Latin phrase in the title translates to “hence these tears” and I like it slightly better than the traditional “rest in peace”.


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