Last day of summer

Today really feels like the last day of summer to me, although surely it will not be the last hot, sunny day we have. This morning, in the heart of Norwich, with the sunlight dappling the trees near the historic Cow Tower, it seemed for all the world as if summer was turning back to wave goodbye on its way out of the door.

Perhaps it is the forecast change in weather from tomorrow that makes me feel this way. Certainly, the sunsets are creeping earlier day by day; and first thing in the mornings there is a slight tang in the air hinting at autumn preparing itself in the wings.

It may be due to hitting the last birthday of the summer – my grandson’s ninth today being celebrated with a picnic under the trees by the river. July and August are birthday-heavy months for me.

Whatever the cause, I find myself this afternoon looking back and pondering the events of the summer, putting photos in order, and clearing the decks in my mind. Tomorrow will be the time for making plans and looking forwards.

Cow Tower is an historical fortification in Norwich, an early example of a purpose-built blockhouse for artillery. It dates back to the final couple of years of the 14th century. It is located immediately beside the River Wensum, close to our 12th century cathedral in a tree-lined grassed area ideal for a birthday picnic.


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