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Pile of plans

Back from my “staycation” holiday and buzzing with ideas which rapidly need to be transformed into goals and achieved.

I previously alluded to my desire to earn my living using more of my creativity, and one part of this is my plan to open an Etsy shop selling hand-knitted accessories and baby clothes. Over the past month I have been doing some experimental knitting to establish the kind of things that I plan to make. Unfortunately, the results to date have been less than stellar, but, as with anything creative, you can learn a lot from the things that don’t go quite as you’d like them to.

One very important thing I have learned whilst working on my prototypes is that I have a quite specific vision of the style of items that I want to produce. This is more fundamental than ideas of individual patterns, it is about what my output will look like as a whole. It is about the type of knits that I enjoy doing, the colours that will inspire me, and it is also about the materials that I will use.

I have always been something of a “yarn snob” and using wools that I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards over the past month has proved to me that I need to use good quality materials if I’m going to be happy with what I produce. In view of this, I’ve ordered a couple of packages of yarn to experiment with, and now they are here I’m ready to put in some serious knitting time.

Pile of Plans
Not a pile of wool, but a pile of plans

I hope by next week I will have some finished objects that I am happy to share with you. I may do a “compare and contrast” with the items that I have been less happy with. I would also like to do a review of each company that I order wool from.

In the meantime, I would like to wish all my readers a happy, constructive, and inspiring week.

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