A collective noun for knitwear designers

Is there a collective noun for knitwear designers?  I would like to nominate “A cruelty of knitwear designers”.

There are many thousands of brilliant knitting patterns out there that people have designed and we love them for that.  But bear in mind that, within living memory, someone also designed this:

“Cable it” – cable it all

Oh, and you’re thinking perhaps that hideous design can only be inflicted upon children?

Astonishingly, this pattern is titled “It’s so cool”

Take heed, men of the world.  If you allow your wife to knit in the end you are going to be wearing a hand-knitted lacy blouse.

I haven’t edited out the instructions because I am sure these must be out of copyright and, anyway, really, no-one wants to knit them! *

(Grateful thanks to Golden Hands circa 1976-77 for these very special garments.)

(* If you do want to knit either of these monstrosities, let me know and I will arrange an intervention.)

One thought on “A collective noun for knitwear designers

  1. I think she looks rather sweet. It’s the pockets that make the cool lacy blouse so good. Really works with the string vest look and the low neckline.

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