Knitting Ketchup

Was it really May when I last wrote?  Oh, dear.  Well, in my down-time I have been busy catching up on podcasts and, if not knitting as much as I’d like, knitting as much as the mood and my tendency to overheat allow me.

I finished my grey Rimini cardigan with none of the usual dithering over buttons.  Having completed the buttonholes, I simply looked to my button box and it produced the perfect set.

Pretty buttons

I am really pleased with the finished product although it is slightly too warm to wear during the summer.  Well, it would suit summer evenings but primarily it was always intended as part of my work wardrobe.  The pattern is Rimini by Martin Storey from an old Jaeger book that is long out of print.  I modified it by omitting the waist shaping and by having it button only from neck to bust.  The lace pattern and main construction are as written.  It is knitted in Supersoft Lambswool by J C Rennie in the Silver Grey colour way.  I have approximately 650g of this left on the cone; enough for a longer-length cardigan.

A lovely cardigan

There was a tiny bit of avoidance in finishing that project.  It took me ages to steel myself to do the front band and collar then, of course, when I did they were utterly painless so silly me for procrastinating.  However, it did give me an opportunity to knit up some very purple socks.

These socks are very purple

Plain socks in Colinette Jitterbug in a colourway that I cannot recall the name of.  It is very purple, though.   I can’t wait for the cold weather so I can wear these.  I’ve got my eye on a purple checked dress which they would go very nicely with indeed.

Twisted rib for the heel

Particularly gorgeous spikes of colour in this yarn.

Just as I was drawing to the conclusion of the grey Rimini cardigan, I bought a very nice, quirky linen tunic dress in a neutral shade and when I got it home I found that it was a neutral shade that not a single one of my cardigans would work with.  It has, I realised, a slightly gingery tinge to it which is just far enough removed from my usual greys and blues and cool pinks and even the greens I gravitate towards to present me with a problem.  The solution lay in the miscellaneous small cones of “lucky dip” wool that I ordered from J C Rennie earlier this year.  Although none of them are enough to do a garment, three of the shades were perfect with the new dress and these were later supplemented by a ball of Katia sock yarn from my stash.

I’ve already completed the back of the new cardigan which I’m also basing on the Rimini pattern since it fits me so well.

Back of my new cardigan

I worked out the stripe pattern by referring to some old Rowan magazines.

Close-up of the striping

As soon as I started this it reminded me how much I enjoyed the two Fair Isle jumpers I knit many years ago.  That is hardly surprising since the Rennie wool is precisely the kind of wool I would knit a Fair Isle garment with.

Before I wrap up, I just wanted to mention a brilliant video podcast I’ve been watching through the summer.  It’s the DramaticKnits podcast and I really recommend you give it a go.  It is co-hosted by Steve, a school teacher, and Callie who works in an office.  They are based in Illinois.  Now, I have given a lot of podcasts, both audio and video, a spin over the years and it takes something very special for me to keep watching.  Whatever that special thing is, Steve and Callie have it.  They are fun to watch, have interesting projects and they seem to have very real lives.  By that, I mean that they don’t seem to sit at home all day every day knitting like demons.  Most of their projects take many weeks to complete and although between them they have several projects on the go at once, they generally seem to complete the projects.  I find I get frustrated when podcasters brim over with ideas and are constantly showing/talking about all the new things they have cast on, but they don’t seem to finish things.  So it’s a big thumbs-up from me for the DramaticKnits podcast.

And that brings me up to date, on the knitting front anyway.

I hope you find the time each day to knit a bit, or work on your hobby whatever it is.

One thought on “Knitting Ketchup

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and serendipitously have also just cast on with JC Rennie supersoft lambswool. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see your beautiful knits in this yarn. I’m knitting the unscoured yarn and was a little worried that all might not turn out well. I think I’ve nothing to worry about. 🙂

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