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Hello.  I haven’t been blogging, have I?  Nope, I have been thinking, planning, purchasing, riding, and generally obsessing in every which way about my new ultra-steed.  Let me present the brand, spanking new, sparkling and delicious, Trek 7.3FX (women’s specific design).

Where all my time and money is disappearing to

This is a very sporty departure from my normal mode of transport, a sedate “lady’s” bicycle with rack, panniers, and all the general paraphernalia which makes life easy and pleasant.  Life on the 7.3FX is an altogether faster, headier experience.  I am besotted with it, but just a little sad that my old bike needs quite a few weeks at the health farm, being pampered with exotic unguents, before it can be ridden even a mile further.  Well, I tell the bike it’s going to the health farm.  In reality, I imagine the experience will be more like those Dr. Who episodes where you see the flashing blades descending as the Cybermen “upgrade” you!!

Problems with the old bike, the realisation that the old bike wasn’t going to be a viable option for the foreseeable future, and the search for a new bike, have all kept me away from my knitting a bit over recent weeks.  However, Laccaria is finished!

Laccaria is finished - one day there will be photos of me wearing it!

In some ways I am happy, in other ways not so much.  The fit isn’t the best in this universe.  In particular, I find the sleeves rather tight.  The choice of sizes, given the yarn I used, was always going to be between slightly snug and a bit too loose, so I went for the slightly snug option and now I wonder if I should have gone for a bit too loose.  I haven’t worn it yet and once I start wearing it I think it will either become a firm favourite or a live in the drawer object.

Please don’t think this is a negative ‘review’ because even looking at the photo I still love the design to bits.  Love the colour.  Really happy with the buttons (another big shout out for the wonderful Textile Garden – certainly came up trumps for me on this).  It’s all very positive.  Just need to wear it.

This is just a brief update.  Hopefully now the bike buying and associated squealing with delight and cycling round to show it off is all over, I will get back to some sedate knitting projects and get some photos done as I’m working on things.  That would definitely be extremely good.  And since I’ve spent my spring holiday budget on the bicycle, when I take my spring break from work I will almost certainly be doing little other than sitting on the settee knitting, occasionally wandering across to the computer to blog about my achievements!

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