Week 9 – Will it never be finished?

The sun struggles on a murky morning

My week has been a bit like this, good things struggling to shine through the general murk, and a feeling the week would never be finished.


It is beginning to feel like Laccaria will never be finished.  I thought all I needed to do was source some buttons.  A browse online at Textile Garden sorted that out and their very prompt service delivered three sets of buttons to me on Wednesday:

A selection of buttons for Laccaria

Studied in daylight, and in place on the front band of the cardigan, the ones with the white flowers won hands down.  The other two sets will be an excellent addition to my button box.  So everything should have been in place for me to set to and finish the cardigan yesterday.  But, no, I don’t have a suitable thread to sew the buttons on.  No problem – this morning I went into Norwich to buy thread and some groceries and a replacement for the cereal bowl I broke this week.  Came home with groceries and the cereal bowl but no thread because I forgot all about it whilst I was in the city.  So, next week Laccaria will be finished.  Really.

I do have a new love, though.

Making a start on the big red jumper

I’m using the red wool which has steadfastly refused to inspire me in any project I’ve tried and now I’m making a big Sloppy Joe type jumper to throw on with jeans. It’s a pattern from “1000 Sweaters” which is a good book of basic DK weight patterns which suffers from a tendency to show some pretty dodgy styling.  And, I must add, not the only knitting book that suffers from that particular problem.

Anyway, I have found myself cracking on with this quite a bit since I cast on last weekend.  It is very enjoyable to knit.

Radio, radio

Whilst knitting, I have found myself becoming very keen on Radio 4 crime dramas.  So far I’ve listened to a Falco (excellent detective stories set in ancient Rome), a Adam Dalgleish (so-so), the iconic Murder on the Orient Express, and this week a Lord Peter Wimsey. Half an hour a day of escapism.  Lovely.

Time for a cup of coffee.  Have a lovely week.

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