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Week 6 Can you hear it…..

…the silence of the Pam?

Oh, sorry, dreadful pun there.  I have been quiet, and now I’m all done with being quiet.  This week work has begun to slow down a bit and I have had a little more energy to do things that are relatively interesting to write about.


I have to admit the knitting has been a bit sporadic the past few weeks.  Laccaria lingers on the needles and when I work on it, I work without a lot of enthusiasm.  I don’t know quite why I am finding this cardigan heavy going, and it’s a shame because I am actually very confident that I will love the finished product.  I am simply not enjoying knitting it.

Laccaria's left front sports these bobbles

These bobbles were part of the problem.  I hated working them!  Which rather puts paid to my long-held belief that I would one day construct a traditional Aran jumper.

Laccaria's right front will have a knitted ribbon worked onto these slipped stitches

I’m currently working on the right front with its slipped stitches (you may just be able to discern the two areas – one on the far right of the above picture and the other starting about halfway up the piece of fabric shown, in the dead centre of the photo).  Once the cardigan is constructed (or, alternatively, before I piece it together, depending on which seems most sensible), I will have to work a knitted “ribbon” which will twist its way up the cardigan anchored to these slipped stitches.  Although I will never want to knit this again, it does strike me that one could very easily adapt this, knitting the ribbon in a variegated yarn, for example, or a contrast shade, or even using an organza ribbon and threading it through the slipped stitches (or making eyelets for a ribbon to thread around).  Certainly there are ideas if one wanted to make a dressier version of the cardigan.

Socks and Laccaria

As a tactic for avoiding working on Laccaria, I have knitted these socks.  I bought the yarn in my local Lidl store (a rather cheap and cheerful supermarket which sells basic foodstuffs, some incredible rubbish, and occasionally has flashes of inspiration).  It cost £3.99 for four 50g balls and is a fairly standard sock yarn mix of 48% cotton, 39% wool, 13% polyamide.  This pair of socks took well under two balls and I will knit a second pair, probably in garter stitch which I think may suit the yarn quite well.  It was nice enough yarn to work with and a couple of pairs of everyday socks for under £4.00 is not to be sniffed at.

The best laid plans

Or, why I don’t shop on the internet anywhere near as much as I’d like to.

I wanted to order another Norah Gaughan pattern booklet and a copy of Designer Knitting from Loop of London.  Whilst browsing I also put a couple of cones of the exotic Habu yarns into my basket.  I proceeded to the checkout.  I registered all my details.  I went to buy the items I wanted and hit the familiar brick wall – they will only send the order to the address my credit card is registered to and they want a signature to prove it reached its destination.  But I work all day.  So to get a signature it needs to go to my office or to my sister’s house.  But my credit card is registered to my flat.  What this means is that I cannot buy the items I want.

I know that Loop of London are protecting me from credit card fraud.  I know that they have to guard against the constant danger of the Russian Maffia who are well-known for turning the profits of their drug trade into wool (some knitters say it amounts to the same thing anyway!).  But the fact is that Loop have lost out on the money I would have spent with them and I have resigned myself to knitting only those items for which patterns are more readily available.  Which all-round is a bit of a shame.

Better Plans

The disappointment over the impossibility of buying from Loop’s online yarn shop, together with my slight ennui over Laccaria has led me to formulating a bit of a plan for my knitting.  A couple of years ago I undertook what I came to think of as my “Year of Knitting Furiously” where I made updating my hand-knit wardrobe my main theme for the year.  Although ultimately my output was slightly lower than I’d anticipated at the start, I did knit a good selection of items which remain in regular use now.  And I liked having the focus that came with designating my time in this way.  So at the moment I am contemplating an over-arching theme for the coming year and I would like to make it my “Year of Knitting Storey”.  I have several patterns by Martin Storey that I have earmarked to knit, and I have been very happy with the Martin Storey designs that I’ve completed before.  I’m not even averse to the idea of using a few Rowan yarns where acceptable substitutes can’t be made.  At the moment this all just an idea, but I’ll keep you posted as to whether it comes to fruition.


The Eclectic Reader

Yes, I’m going to leap directly from “Five Go to Smuggler’s Top” to “1Q84”.  If you haven’t read any Haruki Murakami, go and do so now. And if you haven’t read any “Famous Five”, all I can as is where did you spend the 1960s?

Well, that’s it for now.  There are important things to be done.  Starting with tea and cake, I think.

Take care, and enjoy your knitting (or alternative hobby).

3 thoughts on “Week 6 Can you hear it…..

  1. I spent the 60’s reading Dr. Dolittle and C.S. Lewis. tried reading one Enid Blyton once (called something like The Boy Next Door) and I hated it.

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