Out with the old

The tail end of the old year was a bit unproductive for me.  I knit, and I knit, and I knit, and I didn’t really produce a whole heap of anything.  Oh, there was a cowl which went as a Secret Santa gift at work.  There were several mis-starts on the Laccaria cardigan by Norah Gaughan which were undermined by indecision about size and colour.  The last major project that really worked was the scarf-front cardigan which was completed way back in the autumn and has been worn a lot, but never photographed.  So, to rectify that, here is a very wonky shot:

Scarf Front Cardigan from Norah Gaughan pattern

This cardigan is snuggly-warm thanks to that scarf front and the single button fastening makes it practical to throw on.  Also, for once, the sleeves are exactly the right length.  Of course, the boxy design does make me look even plumper than usual, but hey-ho!!

Another couple of projects managed to creep in before midnight tolled the end of 2011.  First, a pair of plain old socks, elevated by the stunning Malabrigo sock yarn into works of art, worthy of a colourway called “Turner”:

Socks in Malabrigo Turner colourway

In case you’re not getting the full impact of this yarn, here it is up close and personal:

Glorious Turner colourway of Malabrigo Sock yarn

I loved working with this.  So much so that I decided to knit a new liner for my iPhone case using the same yarn doubled:

An old iPhone case with a new liner

I recently replaced my old iPhone 3G with a new iPhone 4S which, being slimmer, didn’t fit well in the my existing case.  But the case was a present and I love it and I didn’t want to stop using it, so a liner was called for.  My first attempt was a little too thick, so my final act of 2011 was to replace it with this pretty little frippery.  I think the colours work well with the nut-brown leather of the case.

Now fits my slimline iPhone 4S

And now it’s 2012 and I’m ready to take the lessons learnt in 2011 and put them to good use.  First, experimenting with different yarns in the final couple of months of the year really brought home to me how much I had enjoyed working with the J C Rennie wool over the previous year or so.  I foresee a year of experimenting more with what in some ways may seem a very limited choice.  Whilst later in the year I will be buying new (and buying more sock yarn to allow me a bit of variety), to begin with I am going to use what I have to hand.

As far as patterns go, well I will get Laccaria done by hook or by crook!  I will probably return to a Martin Storey 4-ply cardigan or two to supplement my work wardrobe.  And who knows, maybe this year I will get around to knitting for my grandson.

My real ‘resolution’ as far as this blog goes is to post a little more frequently.  At the moment I feel like one post a week would be more pleasant than the rather irregular offerings of the past year and allows for daylight photography, so I shall aim for that.

I hope everybody who reads this has a splendid year and there aren’t too many hangovers around this morning.

2 thoughts on “Out with the old

  1. Happy New Year. How interesting that you say the sleeves are the right length. I have discovered over time that I always have to make the sleeves a bit shorter than called for in any pattern 🙂 Love the color of your socks. Judy

    1. Oh, yes, I have short arms and always have to adjust the pattern to suit, but I often over-compensate and end up with sleeves that are just a little shorter than ideal.

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