On the continuity of things

Dining chair hidden away

This is one of my projects that really needed to be done before the end of the year, if only because I have been intending to do it for most of 2011 and even if I haven’t publicised that intention I still feel guilty for not getting on with it.

I have two dining chairs in my flat and in their current format they really need some work. In an effort to avoid the issue completely, a couple of years ago I bought these cream covers and basically hid the chairs under them. Not a great move as I never really liked them, and they didn’t fit the chairs at all well. A year ago I bought some fabric and knew that it would be very serviceable on the chair seats. I have been on the brink of buying foam to pad the seats on many occasions. So now it’s almost 2012 and something just had to be done.


Dining chair with freshly covered seat

I have never been one for getting new furniture when a few more years can be coaxed out of an existing item. Most of my furniture is either from my parents’ house, or passed on by my sister (who does like to buy new furniture). The “eco-friendliness” of this appeals to me, although I have to admit I am never going to win any interior design awards. But I like the continuity of things – there being stories and history to the furniture, not just the shop where I bought it. These chairs lived with my grandparents and have been used by various members of the family and now they live with me. The people pass and leave behind them stories that are knit into the fabric of the things they used day in, day out. I like to live with those stories, adding to them as I potter through my own span of days. My grandson now sits on the same chairs where once my grandparents sat, and as the years scurry by the stories weave into things like these chairs, linking us with a very tangible form of DNA.

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