Funny how things go

My knitting has been of the one step forward, two steps back variety over the past couple of months. This is mildly frustrating, but I’m choosing to let go of that and concentrate on it all as a learning opportunity. Yes, well, let’s just ignore the fact that I already know what it’s teaching me.

I have yet to make a firm decision on the wool to knit the Norah Gaughan Laccaria cardigan. I’ve made a few false starts, and in the meantime I’ve worked on some small projects to keep my hand in. I really want Laccaria to work with the clothes I wear when I’m not working, which rules out the green and red wools I have tried so far. This afternoon I decided to try my wool shade-card against my two nice dresses which led to a revelation. I already knew I had a great purple cardi to wear with my pink dress:

Masai Clothing dress with Rimini cardigan

Less expected was that my Mist on the Moor cardigan would be so perfect a match for the navy dress:

Masai Clothing dress with Mist on the Moor cardigan

So that blows the whole colour choice wide open again. Funny how things go, isn’t it?

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