All quiet on the knitting front

Strangely, the change in seasons has not seen me doing the usual knitterly stuff – planning projects, buying yarn and gearing up for a winter of sweater knitting and wearing.  It is decidedly autumnal now, with lots of nut husks on my cycle route and a nip in the air in the mornings, but I remain in my summer clothes and rarely even need to pull on a pair of socks.  It is getting dark quite early in the evenings, but that hasn’t seen me hunkering down for a long evening of knitting.

Am I in the dreaded knitting funk?  Have I lost my knitting mojo?  No, not really.  It is a more a case, I think, that I have not quite geared myself up yet.  Over the summer I have had lots of ideas, and a fair few false starts, and now I have a reasonable idea of what I want to be knitting, yet haven’t worked out the exact details.

Of course, as a happily monogamous knitter, the fact that I haven’t yet finished my current major sweater project is probably the only thing that is keeping me from committing to something new.  The Scarf Front Cardigan has been simply crawling for more than a month.  I got halfway through the scarf front, then decided I could go no further until I found the right button.  That proved to be a wonderful exercise in procrastination, which I finally put an end to last weekend.  I thought once I’d got that sorted I would be off like a dog after a rabbit, but not a bit of it.  I think I have worked about 10 rows in the entire week.

What I was doing instead was an abortive attempt at a second pair of arm warmers for cycling.  I’m using my Steptoe Mittens quite a lot now and having determined the improvements I could make I cast on for a second pair.  These were to be in a bright self-striping sock yarn, ribbed to provide a better fit, and perhaps just slightly longer.  I finished the first one last night and it was a disaster – didn’t fit at all well.  And, if I’m going to be scrupulously honest, I simply don’t like these complex patterned yarns in anything but stocking stitch, so I need to go either for another pair of stocking stitch arm warmers, or for ribbed ones in plain yarn.

First, though, I need to finish my scarf front cardigan, because I feel it’s likely to get a lot of wear in the coming months; and I need to work out a plan of action for some winter projects.

I will leave you with a sign that amuses me in our local cemetery.

Was this written by a driver?

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