I’ve been away from my blog for a while.  There are no sinister reasons, no crises, no maladies.  I have been knitting away on my cabled scarf-front cardigan.  For the most part this is simply pale blue stocking stitch, but the past couple of weeks I have made a start on the scarf that gets attached to the front of the cardigan to provide the collar, and that’s proving to be very hard on my hands and, consequently, rather slow going.  This pattern calls for an American worstead-weight yarn and I am knitting it with two strands of 4-ply held together.  I think, though, that I’m knitting at a rather tighter tension than I normally would and the large cable which forms the edge of the scarf is very tough to execute.  At the moment I’m trying to get one pattern repeat (14 rows, 1 large cable twist) completed each day then move on to something else.  When I concentrated more on it, I ended up with aching hands for a couple of days and I want to avoid that.

I did finish the raw silk cowl/neckwarmer and gave it to my oldest sister as a belated birthday present (we didn’t see her until a week or two after her birthday).  I was pleased with how it turned out and before giving it to her we had a long conversation about the usefulness of scarves etc, so I don’t think it will sit in a drawer.  One thing she did ask was why I didn’t knit it in the round.  Part of the answer to that is laziness, and part my slight aversion to knitting in the round.  Mainly, though, it was that I wanted the lace pattern to form horizontal bands rather than vertical columns and that was easier to achieve knitting flat.  Bearing this in mind, though, and since I have enough of the raw silk yarn to make another cowl, I cast on for one in the round.  After working about an inch I ripped it out as I really didn’t like how the cast-on edge looked, particularly the join that makes it a circle.  I also chose totally the wrong stitch, just because it was something that could be executed in the round without too much fiddling about.  In fact, it dawned on me that knitting it in the round was going to result in something that wouldn’t show the yarn off terribly well, nor make best use of my knitting skills, and require further finishing of both top and bottom edges in order to be presentable, all just in order to do away with one seam which I can do very neatly anyway.

To give me a break from the tight cabling on my scarf front cardigan, I have made a start on a casual 4-ply sweater from an old Marion Foale pattern.  I’m not entirely convinced by this because the pattern has the semi-dropped sleeve construction that Marion used in the 1980s and I’m simply not a big fan of that style.  However, because this is supposed to be a looser, more snuggly top, I think the semi-dropped shoulder suits it.

As a final note, I wandered out to my local cemetery yesterday with my camera.  There are some wonderful names to be seen, and I’ll leave you with Valorous.  Have a good day.


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