If one unfinished object should accidentally fall….

I’ve been battling an unseasonal head-cold for the past week, thus the lack of posts and, to be honest, a pretty thorough lack of knitting.  I did manage to work a bit on one of my secret projects.  The one with the closer deadline.  In fact, I got on quite well with it.  I got it right to the point where I could look at it and go “Yikes, that’s horrible.  It looks like it was knitted by someone with no knitting ability whatsoever.  I hate it.  I can’t possibly give it to the person it’s meant to go to.”  I have given it to the dustbin instead.  It really was that nasty.

I’ve learnt some stuff from it, though.  Part of the problem was definitely the pattern and much as I adore the book it’s from as a look-book for things I’d like to have in my wardrobe (given that this is knitwear aimed at the 1-4 year old market!!), the designs are a trifle unsophisticated.  I wonder if, in making them accessible for beginner knitters who may be tempted by knitting clothes for small tots, they may have cut some corners that result in an eyesore for a more experienced knitter.

Some of the problem was that the yarn seemed far too bulky for the garment I was making and I wonder if this is something I can ever overcome.  It just seems an inherent problem for me in the way I view cotton yarns.  They can seem fine as I’m knitting them, but as soon as I put them together, the whole item seems clumsy and amateur.

Which leaves me wondering where I go from here.  Well, at least now I’ve got until Christmas to figure out the right thing to knit!

The second secret project, the one constructed of silk and lace, is progressing in a much better fashion, but it’s slow going.  I will concentrate on that now.


One thought on “If one unfinished object should accidentally fall….

  1. Maybe you need to take a break from those cotton yarns. They don’t seem to agree with you. Hope you feel better soon! Judy

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