How red is my new project?

New cardi, newer cardi

Yes, last week it was all “red wool” this, and “new project in my red, red wool” that.  And here I am posing with my newest project and just how red would you describe that wool?  Sheesh, it’s blue!

The red project didn’t hit the right spot for me.  In fact, it failed to hit the right spot to the extent that I am wondering slightly whether I actually like this red wool.  But I think I perhaps I’m trying to force myself into using it; trying to find the right project for it instead of waiting until something comes along that it works perfectly with.  Anyway, in the meantime I’m knitting another cardigan that I’ve knit before.  This is the asymmetric cabled cardigan by Norah Gaughan from Vogue Knitting Autumn (Fall) 2006.  It’s in the “Grey’s Anatomy” section of that magazine and knitted in a deep, charcoal grey Berroco alpaca.  This one of mine is going to have a bit less drape than the original, but because of the boxy shape of the cardigan that will work well.  When I knit it back in 2007, I followed the pattern exactly, but this time I’m thinking of doing the cabled front section which is the asymmetric bit, all one width.  I’m also going to incorporate a buttonhole and one very large decorative button.  The design has it either open or caught with a pin, but I have always found that pin option a little fussy and since I wear the cardigan for warmth rather than just decoration, I do like to be able to fasten it shut when needs be.

I ended up faffing about a bit choosing the the right needles for this one as I am currently going through a bit of a reassessment of my needles. I think I need to ponder it all a bit more.

2 thoughts on “How red is my new project?

  1. I also find the pins to be a bit fussy. I love how you say that you wear the cardigan for warmth and not decoration! Happy knitting, Judy

    1. Ooh, ooh, but it’s for decoration too!! Just not one to sacrifice warmth for looking good. The ideal is to look good and be warm.

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