Palms Sunday

Luxe for feet

Well, I think I promised to write about my Palms socks and here they are.

And here they are again:

Happy feet

You like?  I do.

So, the technical details.  These are my ‘plain vanilla’ socks from a pattern I got free with, I think, the first or second ball of sock yarn I ever bought.  I think it might have been the second ball because I know it was one I got off the stall on the market, and my first ball I’m pretty sure came from the local bricks and mortar yarn shop, Norfolk Yarn.  Anyway, this pattern is simple and it fits me well (which is to say, it fits me well if I don’t do the toe shaping too early!!).  I like stocking stitch socks.  I like to knit cuff-down.  I like a heel flap and gusset construction.  I like to knit on four double-point aluminium needles.  I’m a plain vanilla girl when it comes to socks!!

The yarn for these is a 4-ply sock called “Divinely Darling” by Boo’s Attic, which I bought in Ely.  It’s 75% superwash merino, 25% silk.  The colourway “Electric Eel Teal” is truly divine and is best illustrated in the ‘happy feet’ photo.  It was a joy to knit with, washed nicely after knitting, and feels very good indeed on the feet.  I am sure that it is, in fact, far too high-class a yarn to be worn on the feet and am convinced it will disintegrate as soon as I start wearing the socks.  I doubt that will stop me wearing them on a regular basis, though, and I really hope my fears are unfounded.

Have I mentioned that I like these socks?  Because I do.  I like them very much indeed.  The only thing that could make these socks better would be if they were knee-length, but I doubt I’m ever going to attempt knee-length socks.  Whilst my feet are pleasantly small, my calves are huge and I don’t have the patience to attempt a covering for them!

Meanwhile, here in the Pamalison household, there is lunch to be eaten, cycling to be viewed, and knitting to be done.  Not to mention more blog posts fermenting away in my head.

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