Thrown a curved ball

Nothing more than a pretty picture

I’m not a knitter who spends a lot of time preparing to knit something.  Usually, I just cast on and read the pattern as I go.  Usually this isn’t a problem, because I tend to knit from what I would consider to be trusted sources – books I can rely on not to do something odd.

So I got to the end of the moss stitch welt on my cardigan, and picked up the pattern book to read Martin Storey’s next line of instruction.  “Work in pattern from chart.”  Chart?  This book has charts in it?  Yes.  I’ve owned it since 2003 and knitted three garments from it and last night I realised it has charts in it.  Oh, rats.

My knitting time today has been spent translating the chart to the written format that I can follow.  It’s not dreadfully complex, certainly not complex enough to warrant it being published in chart format in the first place.  It seems to me after the first 16 row repeat I’ll pretty much know it off by heart anyway.

I know it’s far more common to hear the complaint from knitters that they’ve had to laboriously translate written instructions to chart format to be able to knit them.  Well, it’s just as annoying the other way around!

Now, do I still have the energy to make a start on the lace pattern, or should I retire to bed early with a cup of tea and some white chocolate?  And “Five Run Away Together”?  Oh, that bed is looking very welcoming….

2 thoughts on “Thrown a curved ball

  1. I also write out my charts. It looks like the Tour will be decided by the time trial tomorrow! Judy

  2. Yay, I’m not the only one who “doesn’t do” charts!! I enjoy the time trials – I’m rather glad I was called upon for babysitting duties last Saturday, not this Saturday! Does that make me a bad Grandma?

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