What we need right now is some sunshine

A finished cardi

Well I’ve had quite a busy time finishing the lingering projects and casting on a (quick) new one.  Now if only we had sunshine (instead of really quite a lot of rain) to facilitate the photography….

“Fake sunshine” shot above shows the cardi lolling nonchalantly on the sofa in a vaguely Noel Coward pose.  Oh, I do hope I won’t have to take up being droll whilst wearing it!!  The buttons really do have that strange iridescent stripe to them when they catch the light.  Oddly, although every other colour in the photo seems right, I still don’t see the cardi in real life being quite that blue – I’m sure it has more of a slight teal tinge to it.  Maybe my eyes are wonky.

I am, of course, pleased as punch with this version of the Slope Rib Cardigan by Nancy Vale, despite a little lurch of the stomach when I finished the post-construction wash and thought I might have shrunk it.   This pattern seems to provide a flattering fit despite having minimal shaping, due probably to the sloping ribs.  Of course, the sloping ribs give a very good visual effect of narrowing the waist too.  As with my previous version, I amended the pattern to give closer-fitting sleeves.  The original 1980s pattern has all the increasing happening at the top of the ribbed cuff then the sleeves worked straight to the armhole.  And I am sure in the 1980s that was a very good thing indeed, but that was then and this is now.  Narrower sleeves are better.

I have not given much thought to my next garment project because I’m on a bit of a sock bender at the moment.  Having finished the Palms socks, I immediately cast on for another nice simple stocking stitch pair using two left-over yarns in alternating 1-row stripes.  This is just slightly more fiddly than I usually like, but I’m loving how the yarns are knitting up together, and I’d rather have a pair of socks than two half-balls of lovely yarn in a box.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself – sock tales will be in the next post.

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