What’s a girl to do?

This evening it occurred to me that the final two little chores that awaited me with my knitting were likely to take forever.  I had worked desultorily on them at the weekend, sewing on an odd button here, working a row of sock there.  Didn’t even pick them up last night.  When the knitting blahs descend like this, what is a girl to do?

Picture of a French church circa 2009, anyone?

This is not a finished knitted object....

Perhaps you are keen for a quick resume of the Tour de France?  Team Sky’s Juan Antonio Flecha – he of the perfect cycling technique – was going great guns on Sunday until a French TV car covering the race decided to plough right into him, also causing injuries to another rider.  Whilst they’re both still in the race, I think we can be forgiven for thinking they might not be at peak fitness now.

Ah, but surely it hasn’t all been cycling and working and falling off bikes (since it’s proving so popular in the Tour, I thought I’d give it a go myself yesterday!)?  Surely there must have been some knitting-related activity?  I won’t really still be staring at an almost-finished cardigan and almost-finished sock when the final trump sounds?

No, of course not.  Tonight I plugged my iPhone into the stereo, fired up the Norah Lofts audio book (about Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine – very enjoyable) and told myself to just sew the rest of the buttons on the cardi and graft the toe of the sock.  Neither took much time at all, which isn’t really a surprise.  The cardigan needs its post-construction wash and the other sock needs to be knitted.  But right now I don’t technically have anything on the needles.

And whilst not knitting, I have been thinking over future projects.  I have been wondering for a while how to work more jumpers into my list of things to knit when every time a pattern calls out to me it’s a cardigan.  Jumpers are just so much more practical.  However, my new job has suddenly turned everything on its head.  Instead of wearing my usual skirts and jumpers, it looks like I will be spending most of the year in leggings and tunics, and cardigans are going to be just exactly what I need on cooler days.  So perhaps my subconscious knew all along that cardigans were just so much more practical!

I feel this is a bit of a ploddy post, but having motivated myself to work on my projects, the least I could do was let you know that progress is being made, if very slowly.  And one day soon there will be photos of finished objects, not just random old holiday photos.


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